Coopers Tectonic plate storyboard

Updated: 3/18/2021
Coopers Tectonic plate storyboard

Storyboard Text

  • A large area and surface of a type of igneous rock.
  • A way that a volcanic arc happens as a arc shape
  • Oh I did not know that's what continental arc meant.
  • A thinning task that is apart of the lithosphere
  • A process where both tectonic plates occur when sliding past each other 
  • This is one of earths many volcanoes. This is one of earths many volcanoes. geology
  • one way a one way a
  • One way a volcano can form is when tectonic plates collide and one plate is pushed beneath another.
  • This is one of earths many volcanoes. This is one of earths many volcanoes.
  • one way a
  • The process of two tectonic plates move in the opposite direction of each other
  • Did you know epicenter is the point in the middle of the ground where everything meets
  • Did you know that a hotspot is a pretty small  area that is a hot part of the earth that spreads
  • No way really that's wicked cool to know
  • A tiny part of geological activity is called intraplate activity
  • No I did not know that katie
  • hey billy did you know that an island arc is just a continuous bendy shape of  volcanic islands
  • Did you know that a plate in science is a huge part of a stone slab 
  • Yes I did know that. Isn't that cool?
  • Hey Colleen, Did you do the research on Plate boundaries yet 
  • Yes I did it is where two different plates come together at the edge of both plates
  • Stephanie do you know what the definition of plate tectonics is?
  • Yes it 's a theory of the explanation of the formation of earth's crust.
  • Did you know subduction is  just a movement that is either sideways or upwards?
  • That's so cool!
  • OK class what is a subduction zone?
  • It is a process that is recycled in the lithosphere
  • A strange dispersal of earths crust 
  • Did you know that transform plate boundaries are just a pretty big fault among the plate boundary