A London cab horse -10-
Updated: 11/25/2020
A London cab horse -10-

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Comic of chapter 10 Black Beauty

Storyboard Text

  • Jerry Barker was a small man, but well-made and quick in all his movements.He lived in London and was a cab driver.
  • We went to the cab stand where the other cabs were waiting for passengers, and took our place at the back of he last cab.
  • ‘He’s the right kind for you, Jerry. I don’t care what you paid for him, he’ll be worth it.’
  • Polly and Dolly came in the morning to brush out the cab, and to wash the glass, while Jerry gave Captain and me a grooming.
  • Jerry’s wife, Polly, was a little woman with smooth dark hair and dark eyes. His son, Harry, was nearly twelve yearsold, and was a tall, good-tempered boy. His daughter, Dolly, was eight, and shelooked just like her mother.
  • One day, two wild-looking young men called to him.
  • Cabby! Hurry up, we’re late for our train at Victoria.Get us there in time for the one o’clock train and we’ll pay you double!
  • My first week as a cab horse was very hard. I was not used to London - the noise, the hurry, the crowds of horses, carts and carriages. But Jerry was a good driver
  • fI remember one morning we were on the stand waiting for a passenger when a young man carrying a large suitcahse went by.
  • There was a lot of laughing and fun between them, which all helped to keep Captain and me happy.
  • One day they took a gentleman and came across some poor horses being abused by a drunk driver
  • Stop that at once, or I’ll call the police!
  • Although he was against hard driving to please careless people, he always went at a fair speed and was not against going faster if there was a good reason.
  • Extra money doesn’t pay for extra speed.
  • I’m your man, gentlemen!My horse will get you there all right.
  • Some time later, the young man, looking white and ill
  • ‘Can you take me to the SouthEasternRailway?’
  • pum
  • yes
  • Meanwhile, our gentlemanwrote down the name and address that was on the side of the cart.
  • paunk
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