Story of gideon
Updated: 3/10/2019
Story of gideon
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the story of gideon from tanach

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  • A long time ago, The jews began to sin and Hashem became angry and sent midyan
  • The story of Gideon From the book of judges
  • I sure like serving idols
  • Putting our tents on farm land will destroy their crops. Best Plan Ever
  • Since midyan trampled their crops, The jews hid then in caves
  • This is Gideon he is taking kernels from wheat
  • who are you?
  • I am an angel of hashem, and hashem is with you mighty warrior.
  • take matzah, meat, and soup and put them on this rock
  • Okay
  • If hashem is with me where are all his miracles, and give me a sign you are an angel
  • The stone burst into flames and the angel disappeared in the fire
  • Gideon I am Hashem. You will not die
  • Gideon built an mizbeach and names it shalom hashem.
  • destory the things used for worshiping the "God" Baal
  • Hashem wanted Gideon to Destroy the things Used for worshiping Baal, In the day in the public. Gideon knew doing that would kill him, but instead he did the next best thing. he gathered 10 people in the night and destroyed the idols used for worshiping Baal
  • Let us kill Gideon!
  • People found out what Gideon did to baal
  • Let us in!
  • GIdeon's father, yoash stood up for gideon saying... 
  • IF Baal is a god he can kill anyone he wants.
  • When Yoash said that He secretly stopped beliving in baal. Because Gideon destroyed the things used for worshiping Baal he was called "YeroBaal" The one who fights baal.
  • Gideon Blew the shofar to gather up his family. he also sent messengers to tribes Menashe Asher zevulun and naphtali
  • Hashem please give me a sign we will win this war. tomorrow the wool shall wet and ground dry
  • Hashem give me another sign that Bnei Isroel is worthy to be saved. Wool dry and land wet
  • Land was dry and wool is wet
  • Today the land is wet and wool is dry
  • Gideon, you have too many people in your army. I fear that they will think their power helped them win the war and not me.
  • All who are afraid may leave!
  • 2.2 thousand left and 1 thousand remain
  • That is still too many people. go to the water where they will be Divided into Two Group, people who drink like dogs and people who drink from their hands'
  • I had the weirdest dream last night
  • Bring the 300 men who did not drink like dogs. tell them to bring food and trumpets
  • Go with Purah To the enemy camp and there overhear a conversation. You will know the time to fight is now
  • Purah and Gideon went to the enemy camp to over hear something Interesting....
  • tell me about it
  • There was this giant loaf of bread made from barley rolling squashing our camp
  • DO YOU KNOW WHAT THIS MEANS!?! Gideon is going to win the war!
  • After Hearing this Gideon and Purah immediately rusheed back to the camp and began making a strategy to win the war. he separated the army into three groups. each one of these groups were surrounding the midyan camp. They broke pots, blew trumpets and said "for hashem and for Gideon" this was all to scare midyan
  • the midyan solders were so scared from the jews. they started killing themselves
  • eventually gideon's army kills 120,000 men and only the kings zevach and tsalmunah remain with 15,000 solders
  • Zevach, lets run. we are going to get killed
  • 30 Minutes later
  • Gideon Asks his son to kill the kings but his sun doesn't want to
  • Please our final request is for you to kill us
  • Gideon kills the kings and The jews live peacefully once again
  • The End
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