This is me!
Updated: 6/13/2020
This is me!
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  • Seriously, why did you get us both in trouble and now our punishment is washing !!
  • Do you actually think I WANT to spend the next 2 hours with my brother!!??
  • I wonder how long I can go without speaking to him??
  • Why are you so grumpy these days anyway?? You used to be FUN
  • One word...Puberty
  • What?!!! What's Puberty?
  • Puberty is the changes you go through as a teenager.
  • Is that where you just grow tall like skyscrapers?
  • No it's not the only thing that happens, there are three types of changes that you go through- Physical, cognitive /emotional and social.
  • Some of the physical changes that you go through can include a hairy body, growing taller, pimples and a deeper voice for boys.
  • Hairy? Like a gorilla!
  • I can read your mind and you know I'm not a gorilla
  • How did he know?!!
  • The social changes include developing new relationships and dealing with bullying.
  • Cognitive changes include getting better at decision making, like deciding on what to eat and becoming more self-sufficient
  • These changes can make you feel worried, anxious, happy and sad all at once
  • So how do you deal with these changes and feelings?
  • I deal with them by talking to adults who have experienced it and I eat and sleep more.
  • I also try new things and try to make friends.
  • That's a lot of things to take in isn't it?
  • Yeah it is
  • but all these changes, transitions and the environment that I live in help to shape my identity.
  • Identa-what!!!!
  • Identity is what makes you unique,here let's look it up together
  • How does change transition and environment shape my identity? ConfidenceSelf-consciousnessResilienceLess reliant on parentsFriendsMediaSuccess and failure
  • This answers a lot about why you are grumpy now
  • Well yeah, because if you don't have the right people around during these changes then you can make poor decisions and not feel as good about yourself.
  • Will you help me when I go through these changes?
  • Of course I will!
  • Now we better go and finish the washing before Mum comes back!
  • Yeah you're right!
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