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Christopher Columbus
Updated: 9/9/2020
Christopher Columbus
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  • Since the war has ended, we can now give you money. You will get three ships and 88 men
  • Christopher Columbus was searching for a way to go to Asia faster. So since he thought the Earth was round, he decided to go around to get t Asia but he needed a sponsor. After a long search, he finally found the sponsor he needed.
  • I shall do that, thank you for this sponsor King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella
  • But, we will give you that with 3 conditions. 1. You must spread christianity, 2. You must bring back riches, and 3.You must expand our land
  • After 36 days of sailing, Columbus and the men finally saw land thinking they had reached Asia
  • After Columbus saw all the gold they had, he decided to take it away and slave them
  • Look at that precious gold. I must get it
  • Hello fellow people, would you like some of this gold
  • You may have this its just for you
  • Columbus slaved the natives and made them mine for gold. He did horrible punishment's like chopping off hands and killing them. Columbus then sailed off to Spain but when he came back, all of his men were dead and the whole settlement was destroyed.
  • Oh NOO!
  • I cant believe they arrested me. They are not treating me as they should because I found a faster route to Asia
  • When the Spain's King and Queen heard about Columbuses treatment, Kind Ferdinand sent an order to arrest Columbus.
  • Columbus then spent his last two years of his live dissolution and still thinking that he what he found was Asia. He is now remembered as a daring path-breaking explorer who transformed the New World
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