Updated: 3/18/2021

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  • A kingdom in which a king rules a country with a queen at his side. Outsiders view the two as a match for each other. Be a role model for a good couple. But the truth is ...
  • Why are you such a person!
  • The king is not the only queen. He had many female concubines, one day the king's favorite concubines slandered the queen of assaulting her because of the jealousy towards the king.
  • I didn't do it, I was slandered.
  • You go out , today I don't want to see your face
  • The King did not listen to the Queen's excuse. He drove her out with the concubine smirking behind the king.
  • Aiden must understand me for sure.
  • After the king chased her from the room The queen walks behind the palace where her only close friends residence was.
  • He doesn't believe me.It's awful
  • When the queen found her close friend, she went in and talked about what she had been up to today. He listened and consoled her.
  • Thank you for your always comforting me.
  • If the queen stops loving the king and turns her attention to this person close to her. What next story will it be like?
  • You can come to me anytime if you are uncomfortable.
  • You don't love me, that's fine. I just want to be by your side.