Percy Jackson The Sea of Monsters
Updated: 11/29/2020
Percy Jackson The Sea of Monsters

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  • Percy nearly gets killed at his school and at half blood camp while the tree is dying and Grover gets kidnapped.
  • Title: Percy Jackson and the Olympians, The Sea of MonstersAuthor: Rick RiordanMajor Characters: Percy, Annabeth, Grover, Tyson, Clarrise, Luke, Polyphemus, and ChironMinor Characters: Dionysus, Tantalus, Sirens, and Circe.Rising action: The part when Luke captures the gang and interrogates them.Climax: When the gang fights Polyphemus.
  • "Grover nearly getting married to Polyphemus and will need to find the golden fleece"
  • A chariot race happens, Clarrise gets chosen to get the fleece. Everyone depressed cause tantalus is here.
  • Um... thanks? I guess i'll be sneaking out now.
  • Here are 2 gifts for this journey, you must make a decision within 5 min because a ship is coming.
  • Hermes gave Percy the 4 winds bottle and some multivitamins. Also 3 duffel bags with supplies. Aboards the Princess Andromeda and gets caught by Luke's crew.
  • Your a fool, your father sent us here to save you, we'll never join you.
  • Your a monster!
  • Join me Percy, you'll have everything you've ever wanted, even Annabeth will like you more if you join. Kronus will bring about a new age of gods
  • Percy, Annabeth, and Tyson escape the ship. Comes to Florida finding out that Clarrise is doing the quest. They go into the sea of monsters.
  • In the end, nobody won what they wanted.
  • Falling action: The part when the duel between Luke and Percy happens.Theme: "If its for the greater good and cause, its ok to do something demoralizing."Critique: I thought that the book was great, only want more detail on 3 things, Tyson, Thalia, and Percy's duel with Luke.
  • Damn it all!!
  • Get the life boats ready!
  • Tyson!!!!
  • The gang gets separated with no one dying. Percy and Annabeth go to 2 different islands, Circe and Sirens crossing over those two obstacles before coming to Polyphemus's island.
  • Kill him!!
  • Get back to the ship!
  • I'll fight him
  • Come back here Nobody!!!!!!! I must destroy you and take back the fleee.
  • Everyone gets off from the sea to Miami beach. Clarrise hurries up as she gets in the taxi, to the airport and just when they were about to leave, Luke shows up capturing them. Percy basically blackmails Luke and forces him into a dual
  • Must jump into the swimming pool.
  • Your both too weak and too slow hah!! Oreius go grab you dinner now.
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