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  • When Santiago Meets with the Gypsy Woman
  • I know that I need to go to the Pyramids in Egypt! I came here so you could tell me exactly how to do so! I thought maybe you would have advice on the fastest way to get there, or literally just any information that I don't already have. What a disappointment!
  • My friend, you must follow your heart, and go on your journey. I'm sorry, but there's nothing else to tell you. You need to be patient with this, because all will be revealed in good time. Even the simplest dreams can have the biggest meanings of all. You'll learn that, some day.
  • Wow, that was easy! He's way too trusting, and he totally believed that I was trying to be his friend! Well now he's got nowhere to go, and no money to get there.
  • When Santiago is Robbed by a Friend
  • NO! My life savings! How could I have been so foolish and stupid! Now I just want to give up and die, no more treasure, I'm done.
  • But wait. I can't give up on my Personal Legend like all of the people the King talked about! I'm nothing like them! I need to stay strong, and get through this. I'm not going to live the rest of my life as someone who lost everything! I'm just going to have to gain it back again!
  • When Santiago Meets the Crystal Merchant
  • Would you like to work in my Crystal shop? Two customers came in while you were cleaning the glasses, and that's a good omen. I think the money we receive will help you either go back to Spain, or continue on your journey. I'd like to warn you, however, it will take many months, years even.
  • Sure! It's the only choice I have right now, anyways, since I can't travel anywhere else if I don't have the money to do so. I think this could be good for me! And then you could teach me Arabic, and I could help improve your shop to attract more customers! Deal.
  • Santiago chooses to meet with the Gypsy woman who can interpret dreams, after he receives his recurring dream about the pyramids for a second time. When asked, the woman simply states that he must go there - something anyone would have been able to tell him. Because of the little help she gives him, Santiago becomes frustrated. Yet, little does he know, this is just the push in the right direction that he needed, since it was right after this when he decided that he would try and get to the pyramids. Clearly, this claim with seemingly little meaning actually sent him on his journey. The Gypsy is an omen, of all that is to come on Santiago's journey.
  • When Santiago Meets Fatima
  • I've never seen a another like her. She's the one! Love at first sight!
  • When a friend that speaks Santiago's native language helps him out of a sticky situation with a bar owner, the boy decides to trust this new arrival, and they walk around the city of Tangier together. Soon enough, Santiago's overly trusting self gets the best out of him, and the other man robs him of every penny he has. This leaves the boy hopeless, and wishing for death to end his misery. Still, instead of giving up, he learns to live with his mistakes, and he decides to become a traveler, to continue his journey towards his Personal Legend. He chooses to fight back, instead of giving up, and it's clear to see that this choice paid off.
  • When Santiago Meets the Alchemist
  • You read the desert, and all of the omens that it holds, just like I do. I can lead you through the tribal wars, and to your Personal Legend. But you are to become an alchemist along the way. You have much to learn, and you need to listen to your heart during the journey ahead.
  • That's him! He's the kid in my omen, so he must become an alchemist. and I need to teach him!
  • When all seems lost in his world, Santiago miraculously meets the Crystal Merchant, a kind man who is willing to buy Santiago lunch, after he polishes his glasses. From then on, the two work for each other, the Crystal Merchant by teaching Santiago about the Arab way of life, and by supplying him with money when someone buys a crystal. In return for this, the boy works long and hard, inventing new ways to attract customers, and keeping the money flowing in. The two become close friends, and the Crystal Merchant teaches Santiago about patience, and how he needs to live in the present, and stop worrying about the future. He doesn't give up on finding his Personal Legend, even though he has to work for months upon months in order to continue his journey.
  • When Santiago Finds his Treasure
  • When Santiago meets the love of his life in the oasis, he decides that he never wants to leave again, claiming that she is the best treasure he could ever have. This causes a great dilemma, since Santiago seems blinded by his love for Fatima to the point where he's willing to give up everything - his dreams, his friends, the journey, and his Personal Legend - just to be with her. However, in this important part of the story, Fatima becomes selfless, and she begins to encourage Santiago to leave her, claiming that he'll be back, and that she will wait for him in the oasis, every day until he comes home. Santiago learns to trust the process, and to not give up on your dreams, even when times feel impossible.
  • No, I'm sorry, but you must follow your destiny, and right now, your destiny is to uncover your Personal Legend. I know you don't want to leave me, but it'll be good for you, and you need to learn how to let go. I'll wait here for you to return.
  • I think my life is complete! I don't have to keep searching for my Personal Legend, because you're here. I'm never going to leave this oasis, even if it means giving up my treasure.
  • After Santiago reads the flight of the hawks - the omen that tells him the oasis is going to be invaded - and is correct in his reading, the Alchemist approaches the boy, thinking it's possible that he's the apprentice the sorcerer's been searching for. Thanks to their meeting, they partake in a long journey to the Pyramids of Egypt. On the way, the Alchemist teaches the boy how to listen to his heart, even though he refuses to at first, and how your strength is portrayed through your eyes, so the boy needs to stay strong. He also learns to never give up on following your dreams. These might just seem like valuable lessons in alchemy, but ultimately, they can be used in the real world, outside of alchemy. Listening to your heart, even if what it says might seem ridiculous. Stay strong, even in the darkest of times. And follow your dreams, no matter what they may be.
  • Okay! I'll go with you. I know how to speak with the desert, and how to read the omens, but I need to learn all of the secrets to alchemy. And what if my heart is wrong? What if it tells me to do one thing, but that one thing will put us in danger? I can't listen to my heart, even if it means that I won't become an alchemist.
  • Throughout Santiago's entire journey, his only goal and mindset has been to find his treasure, and uncover his Personal Legend. However, when he finally completes his search, and finds his Personal Legend, it becomes obvious to him that one lesson he has learned along the way is by far more important and relevant than the rest. This would be that, the people who you meet, the ones that you love, will always be more important than your actual treasure. The people Santiago met will always be cherished and loved more than his treasure. He owes all of what he has achieved to the people he values, and he could not have done any of it without them.
  • Finally! This has been the best journey of my entire life! This treasure is amazing, but, more than that, the people I've met along the way mean more to me than anything in the world. The Gypsy, the King, the Crystal Merchant, the Englishman, the Alchemist, and most of all, Fatima. I love how each and every one of them have impacted my life so positively, and I realize now that I could never have made it this far without them. Realistically, I'd probably never have even started this journey if it weren't for them.
  • I feel your kiss, Fatima! I'm coming!
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