The wolf and the seven goats (part 1)
Updated: 4/19/2021
The wolf and the seven goats (part 1)

Storyboard Text

  • Kids, I have to go shopping, don't open the door
  • Yes, mom
  • Goodbye mommy
  • Bye, dear childrens
  • Zzz
  • Once upon a time there lived a mother goat with her children. One day she had to go out and told her daughters not to open the door
  • Oh, my poor belly! I have to look for food
  • *Howl
  • *Yawn
  • After saying goodbye to their mother, the goats went to her room to play.
  • *pant pant
  • Great, they look tasty!
  • Meanwhile, a black wolf was sleeping in the forest. The previous day she couldn't catch anything to eat.
  • Little kids, it's your mother, open the door!
  • When the wolf woke up her stomach began to growl and it hurt so much that she howled. So she set out to find some prey to eat.
  • *Grumble
  • The wolf had no energy to hunt and was about to give up until she saw a house, when she approached the window she could see the goats playing in her room, she began to drool and, when she heard a goat saying her mom was out she had an idea.
  • In this way, the wolf pretended to be the mother of the goats, calling them to open the door.