Formative 4 - Energy Superhero
Updated: 3/30/2021
Formative 4 - Energy Superhero

Storyboard Text

  • Don't blow the school up Nuclear man!
  • I can't believe I let Nuclear man destroy me before!
  • I must get revenge!
  • Look what we have here! Nuclear Man trying to blow another school up!
  • I will put a stop to that!
  • You can try if you want, Thermal man!
  • *Dramatic Flashback* After a long and hard battle, Thermal Man gets rolled by Nuclear man.
  • You think your puny little nuclear bomb can destory me and the school?
  • Yeah! My nuclear bomb is no match for you!
  • Thermal Man wants to get revenge on Nuclear Man.
  • That's what you get! You tried to burn the school down.
  • Thermal Man eventully found Nuclear man and prepared for a long fight.
  • With the power of thermal energy, I was able to save the school!
  • Nuclear Man tried to use a nuclear bomb to destory the school, and Thermal Man.
  • Thermal Man proved Nuclear Man wrong, with the power of thermal energy!
  • Thermal man put a stop to Nuclear man's chaos, and saved the school!