Oedipus the King-Comic Strip
Updated: 4/21/2020
Oedipus the King-Comic Strip
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  • We're begging you!
  • Please lift this plague off if Thebes!!!
  • The person who killed Laius must pay, then we will be free.
  • Tiresias will give us information about who killed him...
  • Umm... I don't want to throw blame around, but it was totally you dude...
  • That's Nonsense!!! Go away Tiresias!!!
  • Ok, but you're blinded by your own sin and can't see the truth.
  • Don't listen to him Oedipus.
  • Ok, so what actually happened when Laius died?
  • He was killed where the road splits, not long before you arrived...
  • So like, on my way to Thebes... I came to the place that you speak of and I was the one who killed King Laius
  • Uh oh... We've got a problem...
  • Oh? How So?
  • King Polybus is dead and Corinth wants Oedipus to be the new leader!!!
  • Hah, the oracle lied. This is the man who Oedipus ran from. He is dead, but it was not Oedipus' doing!
  • um... ok?
  • You called for me?
  • Yes! Your father, King Polybus, is dead. And it wasn't your fault.
  • Why should we even believe in prophecies?! They said that I would kill my father, but not once did I raise a hand against him!
  • Hey, so you're kinda like Laius' son and your wife is your mom. Byeeeee
  • *Stabs eyes*
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