Grete's Metamorphosis
Updated: 5/26/2021
Grete's Metamorphosis

Storyboard Text

  • Grete and her mother discuss Gregor's living conditions in the living room. Mrs. Samsa believes they shouldn't move his things out and believes he wouldn't like that. However, Grete objects, and insists on moving all his furniture out of his room, as she feels as if she knows what's best for him. She thinks it would be a good idea to do so, so that Gregor could have more room to crawl around since she noticed that he likes to do so.
  • Grete and her mother proceed to move furniture out of Gregor's room, starting with his desk. Her affection for her brother is starting to fade at this point and she sees him as a mere inconvenience to her.
  • Mrs. Samsa faints at the sight of Gregor crawling on the wall and Grete proceeds to scold him. She believes it's his fault that she fainted because of how repulsive he is. She barely views him as a family member at this point, and rather just as a burden to the family.
  • Grete then proceeds to go into the other room to grab some medication for her mother. Gregor silently follows her into the room and she is startled at the sight of him. Her affection for Gregor has almost completely disappeared.
  • Mr. Samsa returns and Grete tells him that Gregor had broken loose. Given her vague statement, Mr. Samsa assumes the worst and goes on to attack Gregor, leaving him wounded.
  • Gregor's family had gotten new jobs to keep financial stability, with Grete getting a job as a sales woman. She sits in the living room with her parents while studying French in hopes that it will help her gain a promotion. She also hardly takes care of Gregor anymore and pays little to no attention to him. She finds him useless now that he can't provide for his family and just lays in his room all day.