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  • Wonderful answers. Very impressive. What about you, Henry ?
  • Good Morning. Welcome to your Outdoor session. Today, we will be learning about Conservation of Fossil Fuels and Petrochemicals.
  • Good Morning, Ma'am.
  • Ma'am, what are Fossil Fuels ?
  • Fossil Fuels are exhaustible resources made up of dead plants and animals buried under the Earth millions of years ago. They are decomposed under extreme heat and pressure.
  • Correct answer. Very good.
  • We should minimise carbon dioxide emissions and be energy-efficient. Avoid conventional bulbs and use LED Bulbs.
  • I'll add a point.We should use renewable sources of energy. Installing solar panels help in reducing energy costs as well as minimise carbon dioxide emissions. Use solar, wind or tidal energy as an alternative. 
  • Back to today's topic. Let's start with Conservation of Fossil Fuels. Can anyone say what do you understand by that ?
  • Awesome job, Henry. Very proud of you all. I got all the points.. Good
  • Thank you, ma'am.
  • Yes ma'am.I have two points. 1. Reduce the use of plastics, as they are made of fossil fuels. They are non-biodegradable and hence, we must follow the 5R's principle to minimise the consumption of non-biodegradable materials.
  • 2.  Opt for active travel options. Reduce the use of cars, it would improve the emission reduction and air quality. Choose cycling, public transport or car pools.
  • Let's move on with PETROCHEMICALS. I am sure this is a new word for all of you. So, I will explain the topic to you all. 
  • Ok ma'am. 
  • No ma'am. Thank you so much, ma'am for today's outdoor session.
  • That's it for today's class. Class, any doubts regarding  Conservation of Fossil Fuels and Petrochemicals ?
  • They range from simple wax candles to aviation fuels. Raw materials required to manufacture these commodities such as synthetic rubber, synthetic fibres, plastic, explosives, polymers, dyes, drugs, pesticides, shoe polishes and detergents are provided by Petrochemicals.
  • Petrochemicals are derived from petroleum and natural gas. They are made of hydrocarbon molecules. There are over 4000 products classified as petrochemicals.
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