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Updated: 10/6/2021
Unknown Story

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  • we wanna make our own church
  • How was your day today
  • Good how about you!
  • we should sail to America instead of Holland.
  • We are here!!
  • Finally!!
  • A group of Puritans, called separatists, broke away from the church of England. They hoped to create their own church King James 1 saw this as a challenge to his authority and imprisoned separatist leaders.
  • Alight its time to start building.
  • To escape persecution, one group of separatists fled to holland in 1608 This group came to be called the pilgrims. Worrying they would lose their English culture in holland, they decided to sail to America. Pilgrims briefly retired to England to meet up with other separatists aboard the mayflower.
  • In September 1620, 102 passengers set sail for a new world Original destination: new york city They were blown off crouse due to storm and landed in cape code (Plymouth).
  • We gonna be okie!
  • Thanks a lot for trying to help us we are so very grateful.
  • I am here to teach you how to live in this environment.
  • William Branford a pilgrim leader stated that pilgrims immediately went to work upon arrival. Built a “common house” for meetings. Each family built a modest home.
  • The plague swept through the colony- only 50 survivors.
  • The surviving pilgrims were likely doomed Squanto: native Americans who taught pilgrims how to survive in a new environment. Plant food (corn) Best areas to fish Squanto helped pilgrims negotiate a peace treaty with nearby Wampanoag The following autumn, pilgrims joined the Wampanoag in a 3 day festival of thanksgiving.