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  • Babur Takes Over Gupta Empire at 11 Years Old in 1526
  • Akbar Abolishing Tax on Non-Muslims in 1563
  • Akbar Expanding Across the Entire Indian Subcontinent in 1605
  • This is important to the success of the Mughals because Babur, an 11-year-old at the time was able to take over a whole empire. But, this was only because the Gupta Empire was already weak from other attacks on the Gupta Empire.
  • The Building of the Taj Mahal in 1632
  • This is important the success of the Mughals because Akbar was very liked by everyone, non-Muslim and Muslim. Abolishing tax Made it fair to everyone and showed that he cares about other religions and opinions and he wants everyone to get along and work together.
  • Aurangzeb Handing over the Empire to the English in 1661
  • Here you go.
  • Akbar Expanding across the Indian Subcontinent was important and significant to the success of the Mughal Empire because to gain control and be more powerful of regions you need more land, money, and that will give you power and control.
  • Aurangzeb Bringing back Tax on Non-Muslims in 1679
  • In 1632 Shah Jahan raises takes to build the Taj Mahal to Store his wife's tomb. This is significant because it shows that the Mughal Empire had some good leaders and some bad leaders like Shah Jahan because he was selfish and would only think of himself and his family and he would go as far as kill his family just to be on top
  • The Portuguese and the Dutch showed up at the port of Bombay and Mughal Emperors were not threatened by the traders, so they just gave them their port. But little did Aurangzeb know that he was basically just helping the Europians conquer them
  • Ok.
  • Many people disliked Aurangzeb because he brought back tax on Non-Muslims which was unfair, but he brought back tax because he wanted to get more money because at the time the empire was having major financial issues.
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