Updated: 10/12/2021

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  • Riley lived in a small town. Her parents were absent in her life. Her dad left her when she was young and her mother left her to move to a different state for work.
  • Riley lived in a small home with her grandmother. When she turned 8 years old she was diagnosed with obesity and a binge eating disorder. Her grandmother was emotionally abusive towards her. She would make jokes about her health and even say rude things about her appearance.
  • Riley hurry up your taking forever and change those clothes they make you look fat.
  • Riley loved going to school because she was able to have fun with her best friend and express herself. School was an escape from being at home because her grandmother wasn't the best parent.
  • Your such a weirdo! hahaha
  • Riley's friend Lily would get bullied very often by mean girls at the school they would throw her books on the ground and call her mean names. Lilly never stood up for herself she would just cry.
  • Riley got a call from Lily's mother some days ago telling her that Lily committed suicide. This was the worst day ever for Riley she couldn't stop crying after that phone call and at her funeral. She felt like her death was somewhat on her because she was always too scared to stand up for her best friend.
  • Every since Riley's best friend died she made it her responsibility to always help people feel better about themselves no matter what health condition they have or struggle that they are going through.
  • Stand up to those bullies! Don't worry about them your beautiful and don't let anyone tell you otherwise.
  • I'm being bullied at school and people are calling me ugly.