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Unknown Story
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  • Good luck Old Man
  • I know you did not leave me because you doubted
  • The old man is a fisherman who has not caught a fish in 84 days. Early in the morning before the sunrise, the old man wakes up and gets in his boat to go fishing as always. He told the boy he will go far out there. The boy give him some food and said good luck to the old man before he leaves. Santiago says to Manolin, " I know you did not leave me because you doubted.
  • Santiago prepare his line for fishing and drops them. At noon, a big fish which is a marlin takes the bait placed by him deep in the water. He made the great effort to pull in the marlin to the boat but the marlin gave a though challenge.
  • He is 18 feet from nose to tail
  • The battle between the old man and marlin continued for three days. on the third days, the fish starts circling the boat. Santiago whose energy was completely exhausted sees a chance and starts pulling marlin towards him with full force. On reaching close, Santiago kills marlin with a harpoon
  • Rest well, old man.
  • Santiago tied up the fish and began his journey home. But on the way back, a great shark gets attracted to the marlin's blood . Santiago was able kill the sharks but more shark keep coming and by night-fall the marlin was completely eaten by the sharks.
  • The next day Santiago was tires by his adventure, he reached the beach and struggle to get back to his home. He left the skeleton and was found by a group of fishermen. One of them started measuring skeleton and started that was 18 feet. All the fisherman's heart get filled with great respect and admiration for the old man and they ask to apologies to the old man on their behalf.
  • Manolin runs for the old man and find him in his home sleeping, he prepared a coffee for the old man and exchange a promise to go fishing together. After that, the old man Santiago goes to sleep and starts dreaming of playing with the lions in Africa.
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