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  • The French Revolution
  • Economic and Social Crisis
  • 1789 to 1799
  • People Seize the Government
  • France saw significant disturbance as a result of poor harvests, excessive taxes, and troubling issues brought forth by Locke, Rousseau, and Voltaire's Enlightenment theories.The First Estate, the Second Estate, and the Third Estate divide 97% of the population of France..
  • Radical Phase
  • The third estate contained of middle class merchants and craftsmen as well as 20 million pesants and far less power and they were the only one who payed taxes not only to the monarch but also to the second estate. In bad harvesting years taxation could leave peasants with no money and with almost no food or money
  • Restoration to Normalcy
  • For the first time in 175 years an estate general meeting was called in which the peasants cut them selfs of and declared them self as the national assembly and began to draft a new constitution. After the dismissal of necker. thousands of outraged Parisians joined with sympathetic soldiers to storm the bastille prison and the revolution had began. The fuedal system was abolished.
  • On August 10, 1792, about 20,000 men and women invaded the Tuileries. The mob massacred the royal guards and imprisoned Louis, Marie, and their children. Rumors began to spread that supporters of the King held in Paris prisons planned to breakout and seize control of the city. Angry and fearful citizens responded by taking the law into their own hands. In September, they raided the prisons and murdered over 1,000 prisoners. The National Convention had reduced Louis XVI's from that of a King to that of a common citizen and prisoner. The Convention found him guilty so he got sentence of death and in January the King got beachhead by the guillotine.
  • In July 1947, the National convention demanded Robespierre to get arrested and executed. The French Revolution ended on July 28, 1974 when Robespierre went to the guillotine. People tried skyrocketing prices for bread, salt, and all necessities of life. In 1795 moderate leaders drafted a new plan f government. It placed power firmly in the hands of the upper middle class and did the Directory. They gave their troubled country a period of order and found Napoleon Bonaparte as the right general to command France's armies.
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