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Updated: 3/17/2021
Unknown Story

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  • Tom: Hello, Huckleberry!
  • Huck: Hello yourself, and see how you like it.
  • Tom: Say-what is dead cats good for, Huck.
  • Huck: Cure wart with.
  • Huck: I know something that's better, spunk-water.
  • Tom: Spunk-water! I wouldn't give a dern for spunk-water.
  • Tom meets Huck on his way to school on a Monday.
  • Tom: D'you ever try it?
  • Huck: No, I hain't. But Bob Tanner did.
  • Huck has a dead cat and Tom wonders what it is good for. Huck claims that the cat is good for curing warts.
  • Tom: Who told you so? What if they all lied?
  • Huck: Well it was passed down from a lot of people. They wouldn't lie.
  • After Huck says that dead cats are good for curing warts he says that spunk-water is way better.
  • Tom: Now tell me how Bob Tanner done it, Huck?
  • Huck: He dipped his hand in a rotten stump where the rain-water was. It didn't work because he didn't say the saying before putting his hand in the stump.
  • In this scene Tom is wondering if Huck has ever tried spunk-water. Huck claims that Bob Tanner had tried the spunk-water.
  • Tom is wondering who told Huck just in case it was not true. Then Huck said that the people who passed the myth down wouldn't lie.
  • Tom ask how it is done. Huck has a whole explanation for how it worked. Huck said it didn't work on Bob Tanner because he didn't talk to the spunk-water before putting his hand in.