story about Sharlott
Updated: 3/17/2021
story about Sharlott

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  • Me and my sister Hannah are on a walk, so Let me explain. Me and my sister were in our rooms and she asked me about dogs. I said I liked them and we decided to ask mom for one, our mom said No, and my sister started crying. So I asked her If a walk would cheer her up! So here we are. Walking my neighborhood. And I knew my mom didn’t like dogs that much, but honestly I probably shouldn’t tell my sister that because she might get mad at me for not saying anything. Oh, and my name is Juilet, but my sister and parents call me Julie.
  • CRACK! I looked up in surprise and my sister squealed. “Don’t worry It’s probably just an animal” I said. Hannah is 6 turns 7 in August and gets scared easily. Im 12 and turning 13 On July 20th. My birthday is really close! I don’t get scared often but this was frightening.
  • There was another CRACK! And Hannah started to cry. I looked at the bush across from us where the sound was coming from, and walked over toward it. “Julie don't go over there!” she said quickly. “Lets head home” she said with a frightened voice. ignoring her, I peeked in the bush to see what it was and…I saw a dog! It was looking up at me.
  • my mom came in when we got home and my sister was blocking the dog. I told her to make a quick exuse. she had nothing. I thought that was the end. My mom was suspecting us! but, she walked out. Me and my sister brought the dog out and brushed her. mom walked in.
  • my mom was very upset.She said we could'nt have a dog. she called people around the area and found the lady who owned her. My mom said we would leave soon. me and hannah were devistaded!
  • Turns out, the lady was putting the dog up for adoption, and she said we could have her! we took her home and decided, her name would be.. Sharlott