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Updated: 9/19/2021
Bible Comic Strip

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  • On a dark and stormy night...
  • Greta Fitzgerald was found dead in her home at 2:53 a.m. by her cat, who had meowed so loud it had alerted the neighbors.
  • Her neighbors attempted to call 911, but due to the storm the phone lines were down. They realized they had to be the ones to figure out how she was killed!
  • At first they tried to check the neighborhood security footage, but they had stopped recording since the storm had started, so they decided to talk to other people who might have seen something.
  • Tom, the first suspect said he had seen a girl run out of the house several minutes after the phone lines went down. Felicia, the second suspect told them that she had just gotten home and had no idea what was going on at all. Laura, the last suspect said she had been working in the garage before hearing the cat and coming out to see all the commotion.
  • They interviewed the nearest three people they could find.
  • Without the proper equipment, they couldn't compare the fingerprints on the knife to those of the suspects. They noticed, however, the size of the foot was quite small. They decided to ask all the suspects for one of their shoes and then compared it to the size of the footprint.
  • They stepped back to examine their evidence and the information they had gathered.
  • After figuring out it was Felicia, the police show up, claiming that someone in the neighborhood had driven down to get them. But when they tried to explain to the officers their conclusion, the officers hushed them and said they didn't count anything they said as credible.
  • The police called them names and said they couldn't do anything because they hadn't had the proper training. But then when they looked into it themselves, it seemed like the officers were mistaken.
  • Well I mean, our only choice was to not believe them... right? But I guess they aren't complete novices.