Updated: 4/9/2021

Storyboard Text

  • The people took my fire but I'll give them Pandora. Aphrodite gave her beauty, Artemis gave her strength and courage, Athena gave wisdom, Hera gave majesty and grace, Apollo gave music and song, Hermes gave wit and cleverness, and don't forget my gift insatiable curiosity!
  • “I have hidden this chest for some time, Pandora. The contents inside must never be revealed to the world. I am now entrusting it to you. Promise me that you will never open this box, for if you do, the consequences will be grave,”
  • “I agree, mighty Zeus,”
  • I wonder what's in there.. is that a sound?
  • “The others were Misery, Deceit, Hatred, Jealousy, Sickness, and a host of other worries and misfortunes. Zeus had locked them away inside of this box to keep them from the world. I was trapped with the evils, though I am not like them at all. I am Hope, and you can keep my in your hearts. As long as you have Hope, you need not fear Misery or Sickness or any of the evils. With Hope, you can defeat them all.”
  • Even though they will suffer, they will always have hope.