The Simmons Experiment

Updated: 8/27/2021
The Simmons Experiment

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  • Hello, For this months experiment I will see which goldfish lives longer eating the same amount of food every day but one eats a meat-based food and the other eats a plant-based food,
  • After one week on this diet, It seems the meat eating fish is more active than the plant eating fish but the meat eating fish is getting a little overweight for a goldfish, which is concerning, because that can give it heart issues.
  • DAY 14
  • DAY 34
  • The meat eating fish is starting to become less active now and is becoming alarmingly fat. The plant eating fish is still at the same level of activity and keeping to its daily routine while the meat eating fishes routine becomes less and less every day. This is because its obesity is making everyday life for the meat eating fish to hard. I wonder what will happen next.
  • DAY 21
  • The meat eating fish has unfortunately died. A micro autopsy suggests it died of heart failure from obesity. The plant eating fish is still just as normal from day one. It seems the best food here is plant based fish food because the fish body cannot handle the fat from a meat based diet even at a minimal amount. The body will be disposed of via toilet.
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