A7: Language Development

A7: Language Development
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Language Development

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  • A7: Language Development
  • Around six months, infants start using constant vowel pairs (Birner, 2023).
  • Monique MontsAmerican Military UniversityCHFD 308: Infant-Toddler DevelopmentDr. BaxterJanuary 22, 2023
  • Children acquire language in various stages at different times. Crying are the first sounds that a baby makes (Birner, 2023).
  • Waaa!
  • Around six weeks, the baby will start making vowel sounds (Birner, 2023).
  • Ooh, aah.
  • Hi sweet pea!
  • Newborns are naturally equipped with the ability to obtain language. All infants make cooing and babbling sounds their first year of life (Yule, 2006).
  • Awww.
  • Between two and two and half years old, kids begin producing longer sentences as their vocabulary is quickly expanding (Birner, 2023).
  • Boo, da!
  • Children must be psychically capable of sending and receiving sound signals in a language. During their first few years of life, they require interaction with others who speak in order to start talking themselves (Yule, 2006).
  • Hi pumpkin! I'm Nana.
  • By the age of three, children's vocabulary has increased to hundreds of words, and their pronunciation sounds a lot like adult language (Yule, 2006).
  • Kids are helped with their language development based on their home environment. Caregivers who spend a lot of time with young children engage in caregiver speech (Yule, 2006). This speech is known as baby talk. Birner (2023) add that around one to one and half year old, children begin to say single words with meaning.
  • Big boy! Coo-kie
  • Cookie!
  • Around eighteen months, children start to form two word sentences. According to Yule (2006) by two years old, children's vocabulary increases beyond 50 words.
  • Doggie run!
  • This shoe all wet.
  • Your shoe is wet?
  • By the age of two and half, children start up more conversations while there is an increase in their physical activity (Yule, 2006)
  • I builded a house!
  • Children will apply all the rules they learn for nouns, even if it's incorrect. By the time they enter kindergarten, they will have gained the vast majority of rules and sounds for their language (Biren, 2023).
  • I help builded house too!
  • ReferencesBiren, B. (2023). FAQ: Linguistic acquisition. Linguistic society of America. https://www.linguisticsociety.org Yule, G. (2006). The study of language (3rd ed.). [eBook edition]. Cambridge University Press. https://web-s-ebscohost-com.ezproxy2.apus.edu/
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