perfect day

Updated: 9/16/2021
perfect day

Storyboard Text

  • Hello friend, you should get up its 9 o clock and let`s have breakfast
  • time to get up
  • hello friend, yes i get up to go to breakfast, wait for me a moment and im coming
  • 9:00 A.M
  • friend cook waffles but i need you to pass me the milk and some eggs to make the mixture, please
  • yes , friend i already gave you the eggs and the milk so you can cook
  • 9:50 A.M
  • friend and ¿ how about the waffles ?
  • 10:49 A.M
  • thanks friend, those waffles were delicious, but now change to go swimming at the pool.
  • ready friend to go to the pool on the patio
  • 11:58 A.M
  • yes friend, but lets go because we are going to be late
  • wua the swings are super cool friend but its getting a bit cold.
  • yes friend but im bored of being here, what do you think if we go to the tree house
  • friend, if you are havinng a great time at the pscina
  • 2:36 P.M
  • yes friend is getting very cold and if you think we make a bonfire and sit down
  • 12:50 A.M
  • friend, if you liked the tree house
  • to this super relaxing with heat and to be resting my friend
  • 3:50 P.M
  • 1:50 P.M
  • yes, it is super relaxing, but lets just rest for 15 minutes and then enter the house
  • of course friend but later we go to the swings
  • yes friend, im going to prepare a coffee to sit down
  • to mimir (sleep)
  • 5:58 P.M
  • 4:50 P.M
  • ready friend lets go into the house and watch tv while we rest