Alcohol 2
Updated: 3/11/2020
Alcohol 2

Storyboard Text

  • The legal drinking age is 21.
  • Athletes sign a Code of Conduct agreeing to follow several rules including not drinking alcohol.
  • Some players think the team needs to drink and party together in order to be friends and form a strong bond.
  • Parents want their kids to do the right thing and stay out of trouble.
  • I need to be honest and let the captain know I'm not going to drink. Maybe others on the team will decide not to drink as well.
  • I want to be part of the team and go to the party!
  • I know this is the right decision because alcohol is a highly addictive drug. It's also a depressant that slows motor functions and mental abilities.
  • It reduces coordination and reaction speed. It can also negatively impact the growth of muscles and bone and damage vital organs.
  • Plus it's illegal for me to drink since I'm under 21.
  • External Influences
  • Party sounds great. I'll be there. But you should know, I don't drink. I wouldn't be able to play in the tournament tomorrow if I did.
  • That's great. I wasn't planning on drinking either. Maybe we can help the rest of the team make better choices.
  • You decide to be truthful to the captain and yourself.
  • I'm glad you spoke up. I think we'll all be in better shape for our matches tomorrow.
  • Thanks for inviting me.
  • Plus nobody's breaking my parents stuff or doing something stupid. I'm having way more fun.
  • Because you know alcohol is bad for athletes and teens.
  • After you make your decision you take action.
  • And end up helping everyone on the team.The End