Unknown Story

Updated: 10/4/2021
Unknown Story

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  • John Mcrooney is making his way to the bus from his house to his job.
  • He sits at the back of the bus frowning upon Why he has to go to work at this time, he's thinking about a time when there were unlimited weekends. He gets a seemingly boring notification pop up on his phone about a new song released by Rock N Rolla.
  • Oh! Man, I wish I had so many holidays!
  • He gets bored after seeing the song pop up on the app, he decides that his life is boring any who, so he listens to it. As he listens to it, he sees an ad of the Jonas brothers.
  • He's enjoying the music so much that he accidentally drops the phone in the bus which shows the Rock N Rolla logo. His fingers start to twitch and he's feeling the intense beat of the song.
  • He gets dropped off to the park by the bus and his hands stop twitching, and his body starts moving, he's so into the music that he's seeing the background transition into a Beach, then a club and then the office.
  • He slowly opens his eyes and now he realizes that he's at work, his energy starts to rise and he's inspired to do work. He begins to do work and listens to the whole album of the Rock and rolla on His big Imac.