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Water Cycle Comic
Updated: 3/25/2020
Water Cycle Comic
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  • The Never Ending Cycle of Droplet's Life
  • Almost everyday, Droplet changes from liquid to gas because of the sun radiation and HEAT. You can say thathe evaporated. Also, over here conduction takes place due to the fact the heat is transferred to the air from the water.
  • Time to change states of matter, AGAIN.
  • Droplet now takes part in condensation, which as you can tell, means he returns back to becoming a water droplet. But, Droplet must reach a certain temperature, to change back into a water drop. He must reach the dew point.
  • Back to being water again, YES!
  • Oh no! I am splitting in half. But why?
  • Before, this , the cool water vapor, rises, due to convection. Eventually, Droplet will return back to the river, but beofre that he will have to go through a bit more. Right now, he percipitated in the form of rain. If the temperature was cooler, than he could fall in the form or snow, sleet or hail.
  • Half of Droplet is going to go throught the process of transpiration, which is the movement of water through trees and plants.(Please note that actual rain droplets do not split in half. This is for the purpose of the story)
  • Weeee!
  • The other half of Droplet's could have taken part of infiltration, where he goes in to the ground and could have become groundwater. But, instead, he participated in surface runoff. From this point on, the process repeats over and over again, so truly, there is no end.
  • Down I go!
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