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Monsters Are Due On Maple Street
Updated: 4/4/2020
Monsters Are Due On Maple Street
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  • Mr.Brand, you better not.
  • I'm telling you people I haveinsomnia.Insomnia!
  • On Maple Street, somewhere in America, we are introduced to the residents who are talking, playing (typical neighborhood). Suddenly, a meteor-like light streaks across the sky and all of the electricity goes out.
  • The residents on Maple Street were all talking about what happened. Steve was going to town to see the police about all the electricity. Tommy, a fourteen-year old boy, warned him not to go. He told them that aliens had landed. He didn't want Steve to go because "they" didn't want them to.
  • Who is it?Is it you?It's him!
  • Les Goodman's car starts and they think he may be an alien. They also recognize that he didn't come out to look at the meteor. Somebody also says that in the late hours of the night, she seems him looking up at the sky as if he were waiting for something.
  • Charlie shoots Pete Van Horn. It was so dark that he couldn't see who it was. "I was just protecting my home! Didn't know it was someone we knew! I thought it was the monster!"
  • He shot Pete Van Horn! What if he could have told us something
  • Everyone is running around in chaos. They don't know who did what They all were blaming each other because they were all looking for a scapegoat.
  • It turns out that throughout all of this, the aliens have been disrupting their electricity. However, that's all they did. They did't make them get mad at each other. Sadly, this is what our world has become.
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