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English/ The 2 oposites
Updated: 3/8/2020
English/ The 2 oposites
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  • Hi, im princess Luna!
  • Hi, im Lora
  • Hello there I am the genie of the forest !
  • Oh my god! :0
  • There once was a princess called Luna, she was very spoiled. And her poor mother couldn't handle princess Luna.
  • hahahahaha, what a poor little girl! now shoo!
  • There also lived a poor girl called Lora who looked exactly like Luna, but she wore poor clothes, Lora started working at a young age because she was poor and her father was sick.
  • One day when Lora was walking in the forest to grab some fruits from trees she ran into a genie! The genie asked her what does she want in life, of course she wanted her father to heal, but she told the genie i need time to think, and continued her journey.
  • When Lora was walking back home she ran into Princess Luna, Luna and Lora were surprised, but that didn't stop Luna from teasing her, Lora was sad.
  • Lora went back to the forest and told the genie she wanted to switch places with the princess, and the genie told her in 1 day it will happen, and Lora went back home.
  • Lora woke up as a princess, she was so happy..she found gold everywhere, it's like she was in heaven! Lora changed her clothes because she knew that princess don't wear poor clothes.
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