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Unknown Story
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  • Once upon a time there lived a Mama goat and her seven little kids. There's was a happy little home. All the seven little kids love to play in the meadows.
  • On the next day she left to the market and the kids made double sure that the door was lock.
  • Children ! I am going to the market to buy bread and cookies for you. I'll be back by evening. Make sure that you remain conscious about the Big Bad Wolf.
  • She had advised the kids that the Big Bad Wolf can be identified by his hoarse voice and black feet.
  • Children ! I am back. Open the door.
  •  Into the wild, with the butterflies and birds singing along their days used to go in complete harmony and peace.Until one day when the Big Bad Wolf noticed the children playing in the meadow.
  • As he tried his third attempt by disguising himself as the Mama goat, the kids ran and open the door.
  • After making sure they are safe, they started to play. The suddenly there was a knock at the door.
  • Sobbing, she heads off into the woods with the youngest kid. There they find the wolf snoring under a tree.
  • The children weren't fools They identified him by his rough voice. He then ran and eat a piece of chalk and talked again But they weren't fooled as his feet was black. He again ran and dipped his whole body into the flour.
  • Somehow, the wolf sleeps through this process. The mother and her kids fill his belly with stones, and she sews him back.
  • The wolf eat all the hidden goats and gobbles them except the baby goat hidden in the clock case. When the mother arrived seeing her ruined house, she calls the name one by one and the younger one ran to her. The mother goat is devastated when he tells her what has happened.
  • The mother goat examines the wolf and notices that something is squirming in his belly. Maybe her children are still alive! She has the littlest kid fetch scissors, a needle, and some thread. When he returns, his mother carefully cuts open the wolf's belly.
  • The wolf wakes up feeling thirsty. He heads to the well, his stomach heavy, and leans over to get some water. Weighted with the stones, he overbalances, topples into the water, and drowns. The goat family rejoices.
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