The Vigilante

Updated: 3/19/2021
The Vigilante

Storyboard Text

  • The Vigilante and his partner Billy The Kid, fight off a dozen men in a bank heist. They successfully stop the man but The Vigilante is fatally wounded in the process.
  • One year later, Jensen Williams hangs out in his friend Tommy Parker's room. Jensen is a little sad due to the anniversary of his hero's death.
  • On their walk to school they encounter a man getting mugged in an alley. After idolizing The Vigilante for such a long time and doing kickboxing for a long time, Jensen can't look the other way.
  • On their way home from school, Jensen and Tommy go to City Hall to visit The Vigilante's memorial. While there, Jensen reflects on the time he met The Vigilante.
  • On their way home from the memorial, Jensen and Tommy see that something happened while they were inside. Jensen asks what happened and the police officer explains the crime and how they'll be no power at city hall for at least a week.
  • Back at Tommy's house, Jensen and Tommy talk for a bit. Jensen talks about how bad their town has become since The Vigilante died. Jensen suggests that he should steal The Vigilantes costume and take the mantel but Tommy just laughs it off