Updated: 2/12/2020
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  • I found his diary, and according to it, he did something terrible. I'll show you right away.
  • Does somebody know why our father is always sad on this specific date?
  • zzzz
  • I don't have any idea.
  • Let's make a party for him!
  • Yeah! Let's do it in two days. We can hire some people to help us with the plan.
  • What can we do to relieve our father's sadness?
  • Meow!
  • The day of the party came
  • Anna, daughter, could you tell me the reason for all of this?
  • Laura's going to tell you soon!
  • Ok, Joshua. Go and bring him inside.
  • Meow!
  • Laura, he called and said he is here.
  • Meow?
  • Laura, Can you tell me what's going on? Today isn't my birthday.
  • I'll talk with Dj Kremball!
  • We read your diary, so we find out that you feel guilty due to Anthony's death. That's why we decided to organize a party for you.
  • Fifteen minutes later
  • I'm not mad. I appreciate it, but what I did is irremediable.
  • Seth. I didn't die that day, Marcos.
  • But father, this is...
  • Father don't be mad, please! We couldn't stand to see you too sad on this date.
  • It worked!
  • Now I understand. For this reason, the party has ended!
  • How is that possible?
  • Marcos, I'm begging you! Forgive me because that day I had to plan a fake death.
  • zzzz
  • The next day
  • I remember you told me that, but it doesn't explain how did YOU do it.
  • I see. How did you take the money?
  • 20 years ago, Mr. White, a detective, wanted me in jail since I had escaped after I murdered Alex in that ball. I killed him because he raped me, Marcos!
  • The day I pretended to die, I paid a detective of my faith for making the rest in my place.
  • Something doesn't match here.
  • OK. Can you say what I replied the day you told me you were in love with me?
  • Not really because that moment never happened. Who are you?
  • When I run away that morning, I got a lot of money that I had taken from Alex.
  • You replied that you were in love with a woman. Remember?
  • Stop beating around the bush and tell me who you are.
  • Meow?
  • I'm sorry, but I had forgotten some parts of the story.
  • I'm sorry , but you have to ask your family. I have to go.
  • What were you thinking about? Seth is dead! He died because of cancer. I feel guilty due to I wasn't with him when he died.
  • It's not my diary! It belonged to Seth. He gave it to me before dying, and the story was created by him. It's not real.
  • But your diary said...
  • It's my fault father; I planned everything, so they just helped me.
  • Forgive me, please. If I had told you the truth, anything of this would be happening.
  • I do. However, I have to say I'm a good actor.
  • Sorry dad.
  • No father. We shouldn't have checked your things. There is nothing to forgive, yet you have to forgive us.
  • Meow?
  • Humans!
  • How beautiful the day is this morning.
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