the soil crisis storyboard

the soil crisis storyboard
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  • Hi Sakinah, how are you? I'm so excited for activity tomorrow.. Have you invite Gloria?
  • Hi Baby, yes I did. She said yes! I am top of the moon right now. Hahaha.
  • 2. Hye Baby!! Of course we are. Can't wait for a great learning process adventure!
  • 3. Okay then, let's go.
  • 1. Hi Sakinah....Hai Gloria. Ready for our nature camp?
  • 2. Yea, I heard that. it rapidly becoming a headline almost some countries nowadays. Most of the issues are relating to the microbes matters.
  • 3. Soil crisis is a gradual process of dying and mutated process of microorganism that influence the health of the soil which affect the condition of the land which provides us the basic need of our life.
  • 1. Hey guys, look at the land we stand. It became so pale. Have you guys heard about the news nowadays about the soil crisis of microbes. We can see the environment is dropping in pain. The plant not grow so well either.
  • 1. As now, we know that it is one of the major causes and key variables used to assess and understand soil and its living microorganisms.
  • 3. Wendel Berry, one of the agriculture novelist said that the soil is the great connector of lives, the sources and destination of all . It is the healer and the restorer and resurrector by which disease passes into body, age into youth, death into life.
  • 3.Without proper care for it we can have no community, because without proper care for it we can have no life.
  • 4. For example,the absence the microbes due to loss of topsoil can make the soil unstable in many ways,  Soon after the microbes fail to maintain their ecosystem due to the wide expose of sun or harmful chemicals, they will be destroyed. Then the soil will be unstable.
  • 3. Is that so.. But how?
  • 1. To be honest, it is unacceptable to take for granted about our soil and its microbes. What actually caused the crisis?
  • 2. It can be from deforestation, agriculture, overgazing, using agrochemicals, manufacturing, construction and even land recreational activities.
  • 2. Well, based on my learning in microbiology and nature, death of the microbes will lead to soil erosion, desertification, land or mudslides, pollution, degradation of nutrients, forming sedimentation of soil and unbalance the soil acidity. As it fail to control, in worse condition, climate change.
  • 1. Would you ever think of living in the world with unhealthy soils? Sakinah, how about telling us the effect of it without those microbes.
  • 3. I can't believe our Mother Earth is dying with her mightiest armies. We must help to save our home!
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