Goddesses of Girls
Updated: 7/29/2020
Goddesses of Girls
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  • The blonde one is Demeter, Goddess of agriculture (farming). The brunette is Artemis, Goddess of Animals and hunting (but her 2 goddess friends call her Artichoke). The ginger one is Hera, Goddess of family and marriage. She is also Zeus' (ruler of the God's) wife.
  • Here are some ordinary girls in an ordinary school by some ordinary lockers, having a chat like the ordinary girl does. Hold on... Did I say that these girls were ordinary? My mistake, these aren't actually ordinary girls, they aren't actually girls at all, they are Greek Goddesses .
  • Why did he put me last?
  • Today they are going to school (Goddesses need to learn to you know). But sometimes their Goddessy business gets in the way.
  • Dear Hera, Artemis and Demeter,You have been formally invited to come to the Banquet of the Gods. Zeusp.s You're husband, Hera
  • Forget it Demeter
  • I feel sick
  • I have a dentist appointment
  • You may leave girls
  • I need the toilet
  • After managing to get out of school and escaping Mr NitWit, they turn into Goddesses and from New York they run to mount Olypmus (In Greece) to get to the banquet on time. But they face a problem.... the POLICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Tut, Tut, Tut. Skiving.
  • Shouldn't you girls be at school?
  • RUN!
  • Ah!
  • Come on girls.
  • But, How did.........
  • What on Earth...
  • But using Artemis' animal powers and Demeter's agriculture powers, they get through.
  • I did the grass and Artemis did the tigers
  • Well done
  • I need a sit down. I'm so tired.
  • Finally in Greece they manage to make it to the banquet on time.
  • But they finally got to Mount Olympus on time.
  • Phew
  • Hello
  • Hello Darling wife Hera and Artemis and Demeter. You're just on time
  • The End.
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