Iceberg Theory

Iceberg Theory
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Storyboard Description

Iceberg Theory of Behavior explained by taking an example of daily events in an office.

Storyboard Text

  • Sunita (Manager)
  • Ankit( Team Lead)
  • John( Team Member)
  • John is one of the top performers. He is always on time. Finishes all the tasks within deadline.Always very cheerful around people.Ready to help team members whenever necessary.
  • His Team Lead observes that he has been coming late to office. He spends a lot of time on breaks and barely speaks to anyone. His behavior has become erratic.
  • During a recent meeting, he presented a report to the team manager with lots of mistakes.
  • Ankit conducted a one-to-one session with John.Ankit's body language was very harsh during the meeting because he was irritated .John could not say anything in his defense and quietly listened.
  • His daughter has not been keeping well since 2 weeks. Medicines are taking time to work and so she is on bedrest most of the time.Because of this, John has been distracted at work and he could not prepare the report with correct details. He has to take his daughter for regular check-ups to the clinic in the morning. That is why he has been arriving late at the office on some days.
  • Sunita took a different approach by asking John about the situation with a polite and kind tone. John felt that he can share his problems with her and then he told her.
  • Why didn't you tell this before? You could have taken leave.
  • The report was very important and I thought I can manage. However since the last 4 days, her condition has become worse.
  • You should have come to me or Ankit and spoken about it. We could have arranged for another person to help you out and you could have also worked from home for a few days. Your family is also important John!
  • Hey John! I apologize for earlier. I should have tried to understand and help you out.
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