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  • Home = Atmosphere
  • Why did we come home?
  • I hate my sisters, Oxygen 1.0 and Oxygen 2.0!!
  • Surface Ocean
  • Yeah, this place rocks! It's cold too!
  • I like the ocean rather than the land! Let's live in the ocean instead.
  • Deep Zone
  • Here comes another pair.
  • We came from the surface too!
  • WHAT!?
  • Carbon was always stuck with his sisters, Oxygen 1.0 and Oxygen 2.0. People always told him that he looked like his sisters, and the trio was called Carbon Dioxide at school. The sisters annoyed Carbon because they wouldn't leave him. They rarely appear at home so only 0.04% of the house is made up by them.
  • Marine Life
  • There were many more of us, but the phytoplankton ate them for food, using their way of photosynthesis
  • Those annoying pests, algae, mollusks and corals are dying as more of us enter each year! Carbon shall dominate this place!
  • Look! More clones!
  • There were a few things they could all agree on though, together they all loved the ocean. They wish they could live near it. So, one day they traveled from the atmosphere to hang out around the surface ocean and admire the crystal-blue water. Then Oxygen 2.0 decided for them to live inside.
  • Land Plants
  • Little did they know, their clones were living there already for hundreds of years.
  • Soils
  • Carbon dioxide found out that monsters called phytoplankton were eating the clones for their own advantage. Also, 'pests' called algae, mollusks and corals were dying since there was a very high population of carbon dioxide surrounding them.
  • Carbon dioxide were scared of the deep zone life, so they escaped to a more comfortable area, Land Plants. They noticed that the grass was growing faster after they arrived. They noticed there were clones of them there as well.
  • A terrifying drought happened, and the plants died. This happened rarely so only 3% of the carbon stayed in the soil. Carbon dioxide renamed themselves detritus. They ate dead things, and so on they lived like that, hoping for the day the return home.
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