Life in the Roman Empire
Updated: 1/21/2021
Life in the Roman Empire

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  • Daily life in the Roman Empire
  • Not for all of us!What's so good about your daily life?
  • Life is GREAT in the Roman Empire
  • Rome is an amazing place if you have money,for example...
  • Housing
  • I have spacious and airy homes filled with mosaics and statues complete with a kitchen
  • Well lucky you, I live in a small and dirty home. When we cook it's dangerous because we can set the house on fire and the smoke can cause sickness
  • Education
  • My kids go to school and sons could become soldiers,doctors,politicians, or lawyers.And my daughters could become dentists,real estate agents,or tutors.
  • Not us, my kids get sent to work instead of school, they learn to trade such as leather working and metalworking to help our family out.
  • Recreation
  • Since I have a lot of leisure I spend most of my time at the Colosseum and the Circus Maximus watching gladiators and chariot racing on plush cushions near the track.
  • Same,but I sit at the very top on a wooden bench, you guys get cushions and a good view. I can barely see from the top.
  • Well I own country estates with large homes called villas,which is where I invest my money into raising crops and life stock.
  • Country Life
  • Well I do most of the farming for you guys. The overseers or supervisors treat us pretty badly. We even live in small huts and can barely earn money, or we labore on the estates, tending the animals, helping with the crops, or working as servants.
  • Ending
  • You deserve it,and i'm sorry about your poor life
  • Thanks for the money AND the new clothes!