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  • Speech about the Treaty Of Versailles
  • The Treaty Of Versialles is only used to hurt. They just wanted to punish us for something we did not do!
  • Withdrawal from the League Of Nations
  • YES! We will get back our country!
  • We no longer half to consult by with the League of Nations but instead will be leaving the League.NO LONGER WILL WE BE CONTROLLED!
  • Conscription and Rearmament
  • How are we looking on that secret Air Force and Military I asked for?
  • 550,000 Planes and now three times our past Military size.
  • Hitler and the rest of Germany viewed the Treaty Of Versailles as a insult and a burden to all of Germany and could no longer follow it.
  • Remilitarization Of The Rhineland
  • Sure am glad that Germany military doesn't have any right to be here down in Rhine Land.
  • Call the French Military and RUN!
  • Didn't he tell us a minute ago get ready to invade their cities?
  • By Germany withdrawing from the League Of Nations it allowed Germany to do whatever they wanted and no longer to be controlled by the Allies. This aroused Hitler and the people/
  • Anschluss
  • Unify your Germans with ours and no harm will come to you.
  • Ok whatever I can give you for peace.
  • Maybe we will be OK after all.
  • Hitler secretly multiplied both his army and the Air force in order to betray people when he gained thier trust.
  • The Czech Crisis
  • Another treaty broken to for the whole country of Czechoslovakia!
  • You promised PEACE!
  • Rhineland thought they were safe after confessing that all of their people or Germans are under their authority. Although Hitler eventually invaded on sunrise.
  • What's that?
  • In a desperate attempt for peace Austria gave Germans authority over their people just like Rhineland but once again Germany will attack.
  • Although after many attempts for peace Hitler still took over as much land as he possibly could to restore Germany!
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