Sylvie, Charlotte, and Max Take a Walk

Sylvie, Charlotte, and Max Take a Walk
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  • “What’s wrong?”
  • Well, here. I’ll prove it to you. Why don’t we all take a walk when you finish up your snack.
  • “See, people think only boys can be garbage collectors, but girls can too! Just look at June. She’s strong and fast just like the three of you.”
  • So if girls can be soccer players and garbage collectors, then can we really be anything at all?
  • Of course! Like I said, gender doesn’t matter! You can be whatever you’d like and do whatever you’d like! Like, look over here at those people skateboarding. There are boys and girls and other people!
  • It was a warm spring afternoon when Charlotte and Sylvie hopped off the bus. School was over for the day and Charlotte was excited to go see her babysitter, Sam, and older brother, Max. Sylvie was not.
  • As they walked to the door Sylvie dragged her feet and hung her head. When they got inside, Sam greeted the twins with a smile. He offered snacks to the kids. When he noticed the sad look on Sylvie's face, he knelt down and asked,
  • Can we talk to them please?
  • Please, please, pleaseeee!
  • No, Max. Remember girls can do anything boys can do! See, take a look at the construction crew eating lunch, people of all genders can work in construction,
  • Please, please, pleaseeee!
  • At first, Sylvie was reluctant to answer, but finally, she did. “Today at school, I was playing with the boys. I played soccer at recess instead of playing family with Charlotte. Then Ms. Smith said that playing soccer wasn’t for girls.”
  • Hello!
  • Fine
  • Sam shook his head. “Charlotte, that’s not true. Girls can do anything boys can do. It goes the other way too. Boys can do anything girls can do.” Charlotte and Sylvie’s eyes widened. Even Max looked a little confused.
  • How do you use the tools?
  • So the kids all hurried to finish their snacks and wash their hands. They got on their shoes as quickly as they could, curious to see what Sam would show them around the neighborhood.
  • Well Charlotte, I don’t know. That person could be a girl, a boy, or neither. Some people aren’t boys or girls, and some people are both.
  • It depends on the person! Some people use they and them but some people use she, he, or more then one.
  • Oh okay! Would I say she or he?
  • Was that a boy or a girl?
  • The first thing they saw when they stepped outside was June the Garbage Collector. After dumping the cans into the truck, she noticed the kids and gave them a wave.
  • Charlotte, Sylvie, and Max looked at Sam and grinned. They knew this was going to be a good walk. They already learned something new! Together the group rounded the corner, the kids already full of new questions.
  • Hi! I’m Colette! Do you want to play with us?
  • And I’m Sylvie, this is Max, and this is Sam, our babysitter.
  • Hi, Colette, I’m Charlotte!
  • Well we're playing with lots of toys! Right now we are playing with baby dolls!
  • So, what are you playing with?
  • Even the boys?
  • “I want to learn to skateboard!” Charlotte said, turning to Sam.“Maybe, when you are a little bit older. Oh, look! The Kennedy family is renovating their house. They have so many cool pieces of equipment.”All three kids swiveled their heads excitedly.
  • The construction crew was on a lunch break and sat around having a picnic. They were surrounded by equipment. Pointing excitedly Sylvie said, “It’s an excavator! I have a toy like that!” Max responded, “I didn’t know you had one of those. Isn’t construction just for boys?”
  • It seemed the kids were beginning to understand. They skipped over with glee, excited to meet such cool people.Seeing the children come over, some of the crew stood up.
  • They had so many questions they didn’t even know where to begin. One of the crew, with short blonde hair, stepped forward with a smile and explained that each piece of equipment was different and that they got special training for each one.
  • The kids asked a few more questions until Sam indicated it was time to move on. The group walked away from the Kennedy's house.
  • Satisfied with Sam’s response, Charlotte and Sylvie skipped ahead. The group continued enjoying their walk. Then, they approached a group of kids sitting on the grass playing outside their house. Excited to see what the kids were doing, Max, Sylvie, and Charlotte ran over.
  • Looking up, the other kids smiled, happy to meet new friends. One child hopped up and introduced herself.
  • “So, what are you playing with?” asked Max.“Well we were playing with lots of toys! Right now we are all playing with baby dolls!” another kid piped up. “Even the boys?” responded Max.“Yeah, of course! It’s fun. We all play with whatever toys we want. We also have dinosaurs, barbies, and car toys.”
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