Updated: 6/16/2021

Storyboard Text

  • Noah's Ark
  • Wonderful work my sons!
  • Thank you father!
  • It was a normal day for Noah and his family. Him and his 3 sons were farming and making crops.
  • Noah and his sons had finished and came inside for dinner where he thanked God for their food. They were also greeted with two dogs at their window.
  • Do not fear, My Lord, I will follow all orders given by you.
  • Noah watched the stars and suddenly a voice spoke. It was God, telling Noah to build a giant boat, an ark. God was planning a massive flood to get rid of all the bad people on Earth. He specifically told Noah to build a boat 137m long, 23m wide and 14m high. Noah did as told and prepared for building the next day.
  • Noah and his sons had begun building the ark upon the soon arrival of the Great Flood.
  • I'm doing well, thank you!
  • All good up there brother?
  • The locals though that the family was crazy. Noah claimed that they should be all building boats as well but they did not listen to him.
  • You must be crazy!
  • A flood? HAHAHA!
  • It would be wise to listen.
  • God speaks the truth! The Great Flood is coming!
  • The ark was now built and it was time to gather a pair (male and female) of each animal species.