5 Components of Fitness Superheroes

Updated: 9/30/2021
5 Components of Fitness Superheroes

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  • Muscular Endurance! One of Ambrose's super powers is being able to climb up a mountain in 30 seconds!She can hold a plank for 4 days. Plus, she can lift small weights for hours!
  • Lyndon is very flexible! She can stretch easily and she knows martial arts. Her roundhouse kick is a blur! She also can do a back handspring very easily! Plus, she can use yoga poses to kick the villains!
  • Atalante is the most "normal" of the group. She does beat villains though! She fights through dancing & swinging baseball bats. Another one of her superpowers is getting the group to exercise, even if it's not their strong suits!
  • Aria chases the villains until they get so tired that they surrender! She can sprint for a whole hour before getting the tiniest bit tired. She is also really good at sports, and uses some of the skills with fighting! She can walk for 50 miles!