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Updated: 2/7/2020
Unknown Story

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  •  I love my own mini hot air balloon even though I can’t actually get in it. I feel like I can fly high and wave to the rest of the world goodbye!
  •  Don’t you love a hot air balloon ride?! They are so fun and relaxing. But you can’t always have a hot air balloon with you. They are big and take a lot of work. But you know what is fun and you CAN have with you at all times. Now we have the mini hot air balloon!!
  • yea, I've talked to a lot of people who have bought mini hot air balloons and they seemed to love it! I MEAN WHO DOESNT?!?!?! You can just fly high and say good bye to the haters.
  • the hot air balloon was invented in Paris, France in 1783 on November 21. It has changed in many ways since then. Our product will put your mind at ease. It will make you feel relaxed. Hot air balloons can be used for recreational purposes but also be used for fun like roaming the england country side. 
  • also, this is a MINI hot air balloon the only thing it can carry is mice!
  • from what Ive heard this works in a way never seen before, you hold it too your face and you see the view of a hot air balloon. That sounds so nice
  • so let your worries fade and let the hot air balloon carry you away.
  • I think all of us are a little to heavy anyway.
  • though the first hot air balloon to ever fly went up in the air 33 feet! Though this air balloon does not fly into the air
  • as i was saying, though you are not lifted off the ground, you get the same thrill of emotion!