Ransom of the red chief 2
Updated: 2/13/2021
Ransom of the red chief 2

Storyboard Text

  • Mr. Bill will play with you. What is this game?
  • Aw Snake-eye. I want to play Black Scout!
  • Where is Bill?Where is the boy?Where did they go?
  • Sam, I suppose you'll think of me as a traitor but I couldn't help it. The boy is gone. I have sent him home. All is off.
  • As Sam was going to leave, Johnny said he wanted to play a game and explained the game to Sam. Sam thought it was harmless and asked the boy to play with Bill.
  • When Sam came back from posting the letter, Sam and Johnny were no where to be seen. He explored the vicinity of the cave, but there was no response.
  • Bill claimed that he was tired of the boy and sent him home, but Sam saw Johnny standing just 8 feet behind him and asked Bill if he had any heart disease in his family to which Bill replied with a no.
  • They got back Ebenezer's letter. He had made a counter proposition because he felt the ransom was too high. He said if they paid him 250 bucks, he would take Johnny off their hands. Sam was hesitant, but Bill was pleased. At the end they paid and left the boy.
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