Ghost House Characters
Updated: 12/8/2020
Ghost House Characters

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  • Elizabeth Mary Davenport-Williams
  • Jeremiah Christopher "Jeremy" Williams
  • Penelope Catherine "Penny" Binx
  • Age: 17Cause of Death: PoisonedDate of Death: May 11, 1873She is the second oldest of the ghosts. Jeremy's ghost wife .She has a daughter with him named Angelica. Penny and Christine's best friend along with the rest of the House The last ghost the Connellys meet.
  • Langundo Howi (Peaceful Dove) "Oliver"
  • Age: 18Cause of Death: Shot in warDate of Death: October 4, 1781The eldest of the ghosts. Ghost husband to Elizabeth. Father to Angelica. The most polite ghost . The best friend to Caden, Oliver, and Cole as well as the other people or ghosts in Ghost House
  • Groga "George" Zarck
  • Age: 15Cause of Death: Burned aliveDate of Death: June 14, 1692Nicknamed Penny the Poltergeist, this ghost is looking to get back at whoever decided it would be a good idea to accuse her of being a witch. Best friends with everyone in the House though, even Star.
  • Creog "Celeste" Zarck
  • Age: 14Cause of Death: DecapitationDate of Death: Sometime in 1252This Native is one of the least neediest people in Ghost House. Usually impressed by modern luxuries, he is the most curious ghost in the House. Best friend to Cole. and his wing man with Penny
  • Age: 12Cause of Death: was eaten by a bearDate of Death: 1,000 BCGeorge is the youngest and oldest ghost in the House. He and his sister have seen it all. All of the history. He's the tell it like it is ghost. but a great friend
  • Age: 12Cause of Death: eaten by a bearDate of death: 1,000 BCThe elder twin, can recount historical events as is. Almost photographic memory. She is also a great friend because she's seen some of the best friendship.
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