The Mustard Seed
Updated: 11/26/2020
The Mustard Seed

Storyboard Text

  • *Sobs*
  • Guys the work is due tomorrow, we need to finish it.
  • Oh no, I have forgotten. I was watching One Piece
  • Ehh, we'll be fine if we start right now.
  • This is bad we don't have many materials to work with and its due tomorrow!
  • It's fine, if we have some faith who knows what this'll turn into
  • Yosh, lets start this. Jimal begin the sketch. Josh get the colours ready.
  • Ok, but don't expect me to do it again
  • *Sobs*
  • I gotcha, Mystic line up for the painting
  • There is a project the 4 gentlemen have not done yet, it is due tomorrow.
  • Make sure to get my good side.
  • Lets get to colouring
  • There is doubt amongst the gentlemen. They don't have many materials to begin their project, but faith allows them to pull through.
  • It was nothing, you guys had faith in me.
  • Ha za, we did it guys. See I told you to have some faith!
  • Yea you're right for once. I should've never doubted anything to begin with.
  • Jimal you did a really good job on this.
  • They all begin to nurture and put care into their project. They hope hard work will pay off.
  • As you can see the boys had faith in both each other and in God. Because of this they managed to finish up their project that looked doom with the lack of materials and days they had. Faith sure is amazing!
  • We'll get an A for sure!
  • While working together, they're almost done with their project!
  • They may have started with a few materials and limited days to work on their project, but together and with a little bit of faith they manage to finish up the project.
  • With their project complete. they now reap the rewards of their hard work and faith in both each other and in God.
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