The Great Depression
Updated: 1/29/2021
The Great Depression

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The good and the bad different races brought

Storyboard Text

  • Women
  • Thanks to Eleanor Roosevelt, very skilled women were able to get a job to work for the president!
  • Downside for many women was, they were pressured out of their jobs to free up space for men to work.
  • African Americans
  • Thanks to programs like the CCC and WPA i was able to get a job and survive off of that job.
  • The bad side for people of my skin color, racial discrimination played a role and lead to death for many people of my color that did not deserve it
  • Native Americans
  • Before the help we got by the government, us Native Americans suffered from the change we were forced to not be ourselves and basically forced us to not act like us. Also known ad forced assimilation
  • But thanks to the new deal, we were able to gain control of our cultural side again. And I did not mention this in my first speech bubble but there was no change in poverty for us Native Americans.
  • Mexican Americans
  • Things were bad for us when the great depression hit. Thanks to the AAA some of us were able to survive by programs that offered jobs like that.
  • Downside is that a lot of us were forcefully pushed out of the United states and others left willingly.