Updated: 5/25/2020
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  • Shows Ryan lighting, 'smoking' and flicking a 'cigarette' Costumes: Normal home clothingProps:Fake cigarette and lighter
  • Shows Ryan and anslem getting into a car (Anselm in the back and Ryan in the driver seat), proceeded by Ryan turning on the car, put the car into gear even though its an automaticCostumes: Same clothes as beforeProps: A car
  • Shows Ryan and Anselm robbing a fast food place taking money from the register, taking the wallets of the diners, holding them hostage and dousing them in gasoline (water) and flicking a lit 'cigarette' at them but cutting after it leaves my handCostumes: Home clothing, fast foodish uniformprops: Fake gun x2, gas can, restuarant menu x 2, fake cigarette, wallet x2, money, cash register, lighter, pillow case as carrying sack, computer moniter
  • Shows anselm and ryan planning for the heist including bank mapCostumes: Normal clothingProps: Paper
  • Buying weapons at shady place from a shady dealer that smokes heroin (Maybe)Costume: beanie, loose clothing (Baggy pants, big hoodie)Props: Spoon, honey (If the heroin, briefcase, toy guns, suits, masks, gloves
  • Shows anselm and ryan placing a c4 bomb on a door and as soon as we trigger it, it cuts to the film nameCostumes: Suit, maskProps: handguns, thing that looks like c4
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