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  • This is a good idea, let's do it! Besides, what can go wrong? We are pretty powerful and they are our biggest rivals!
  • Cartoon Name: No One Listened to George Washington
  • I call all my fellow Federalists to attention! Since we have a lot of power and hate the Republicans, we should make their lives miserable by passing laws that seem necessary to help the nation!
  • What in the world?! This is madness!
  • THE ALIEN AND SEDITION ACTSCongress would like to inform you that there has been an establishment of a new series of laws.The Alien and Sedition Acts consists of the Alien Acts, which prolongs the number of years it takes for an immigrant to become a citizen and gives the president the power to deport or arrest suspected foreigners. the Alien and Sedition Acts also consist of the Sedition Act, which makes it illegal for an individual to incite mutiny against the government and/or conspire against it. (Take that, you repulsive Republicans!)....
  • For the love of God... You can't take away our right of free speech and press!
  • Oye! This is madness. We Republicans will not have our rights taken away, you big oafs! Oh, and your round president is a drooling, pathetic excuse for a president!
  • Let me stop you right there, sir. You're under arrest for violating the Sedition Act...
  • Do you hate us just because we have an opinion than you and want to make us pay for it?
  • Yeah, this is unconstitutional man!
  • You shouldn't abuse your power to make our lives miserable!
  • Controversy and conflict being sparked in the U.S.
  • Geez!
  • Oye, we want our rights!
  • Why is this happenning! We're supposed to be all-powerful! You said that nothing would happen!
  • Don't blame me, for heaven's sake! How was I supposed to know that this was going to happen!
  • Yeah, now we have a bunch of controversy in the U.S and have created a huge problem!
  • Controversy and conflict between political parties in America.
  • George Washington: These fools, didn't I warn them about this?! Oh, it's no use! (Crying)...
  • The End
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