Updated: 5/18/2020

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finail graade

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  • Night
  • Jewish Church
  • Hebrew Bible
  • i will learn everything i need to know about god and Judaism from you
  • i will teach you everything need to know about Judaism
  • Train station
  • all jewes have to get off the train ya are being taking some were els
  • the warning
  • please everyone listen to me the Germans are after the jewes they executed the passenger in the train that wore with me they are after us
  • the intrusion
  • we are gonna need you to give us all your religious artifacts
  • all the jewes are going to to move out and relocate to the ghetto
  • if we find out ya are hiding anything there will be heavy consensuses
  • NightBy;Elie wieselAdan sanchez
  • the relocation
  • The jewes thot they wore going to live a peacfole life but in 1944 is were everything strated wen the nazi started to make a name for himself and when they will leave a peaceful life
  • the separation
  • if you fight us we will kill ya
  • plz dont separate us we need each otter
  • one day the nazi entered a train and wore demanding all the jewes to get out and follow them in this car they drove them till they arrive near this forest and they forced them to dig trenches and once they wore finish they wore all executed and killed.
  • the cruel world
  • one of the jewes name Moshe the Beadle tried to warn everyone telling them that is not safe for them to be here and he was a survive of one of the executions but everyone thought that he was turning crazy and they just ignore him and never pay attention to him
  • Bataan Death March
  • the german forces made force entrance on the jewes and was demanding them all there good and valuables and they had the right because they had the okay by the town leader and they force them to the ghetto
  • freedom
  • were are all the Nazi at
  • there never this late
  • all the jewes that wore force to live in the ghetto wore transported on trains and they wore all told that they will all be relocating to Auschwitz and once there they will be told what will happen to him.
  • give up everything that you have left ya are not taking anything with ya
  • ounces they got to Auschwitz all families were separated the women and girls wore separated and taken some els and the man and boys wore taken to the camp and that were they found out how there life wore going to be for a long time.
  • the camp was there worst nightmare every day they will see live executions and they will see close friends and people they started to talk they will see them get hang on shot on the spot it was the worst thing they have ever seen and there was nothing they could do
  • every day there is all way a execution and we loose some els
  • the Bataan Death March happen because the german forces were loosing and the allies were pushing them back and they were being forced to evacuate and move to Monowitz concentration camp so they can take shelter there and in the process of them going there they end up killing over 3/4 of the jewes that were there with them
  • if ya dont continue walking we will start to kill ya we need to move
  • wen they arived to the mozzide consatration camp they wore waiting for the Nazi to come and tell them what to do and they wore all lost on what was going on and they weight and weight till they told that the allies have one the war and that all the jewes from every camp is free know all the German forces have fallen